Fourth of July BBQ Wings

Here’s our recipe, so you can enjoy these wings this weekend, or any other weekend you’re feeling patriotic!

Fourth of July BBQ Wings

BBQ Wings Ingredients:

Chicken Wings – Already separated drums and flappers.
3 Favorite BBQ Dry Rubs or Seasonings (We used a sweet, heat, and savory.) Carrots and Celery Dipping Sauces

1. Prepare your grill or smoker by setting to a temperature of 375.

2. Start by removing the excess moisture from the wings using a paper towel.

3. Apply Dry Rub Seasoning to the wings on all sides.

4. Spread out evenly on the grill or smoker and cook for 45 minutes or until 190 degrees and extra crispy.

5. Check temperate occasionally with your instant read thermometer.

6. While cooking the wings, you can create your sauces or dips. We used ranch seasoning dips in our recipe. You can also toss the wings in bbq or buffalo sauce after removing from the grill. If using a sauce, be sure and place the wings back on the grill fro 5-10 minutes to allow sauce to set up on the wings.

7. Remove, plate, and enjoy!